Ole Edvard Antonsen

Read My Lips

Pop/Crossover (1997)

All wind instruments played by Ole Edvard Antonsen

King For A Day
(Torstein Flakne)

The Honeymooners (Per Edwardson/Johan Strømberg)

Hold Me Close (Torstein Flakne)

Things About You (Torstein Flakne)

The Girl I Love (Torstein Flakne)

Passion (Bobby Icon)

Halloween (Ann Jorid Klungervik)

Smoke and Dust (Per Edwardson / Martin Hedstöm)

Midnight (Paolo Vinnaccia/Ole Edvard Antonsen)

Read My Lips (Frode Alnæs)

Icicles (Anne Grethe Preus)